Project Map

Current Projects

Connecting the Atlantic Forest through wildlife corridors
Engaging smallholder farmers in reversing deforestation
Restoring a large forest reserve in the south of Malawi to protect biodiversity and water supply.
Empowering communities and fighting deforestation
Restoring the forest to bring back bioversity
A community based approach to restore degraded lands
Transitioning villages to agroforestry
Supporting Khasi communities to regenerate their forest

Completed Projects

Protecting Madagascar's Mangroves
Restoring Mount Kenya National Park
Breaking the Cycle of Poverty
Empowering communities through reforestation
Alleviate local poverty thanks to reforestation
Training inmates in the Kamfinsa prison to permaculture techniques
Greening the Sahel Desert across Africa
Restoring the Sarangani forest
Empowering women in mangrove restoration
Restoring Degraded Lands