Project Map

Current Projects

Restoring the Atlantic Forest to bring back wildlife
Establishing the Mpumba Forest Corridor in Zambia
Engaging smallholder farmers in reversing deforestation in Zambia
Engaging local farmers in protecting the Amazon
Ensuring full local responsibility over the forest
Restoring forest to protect water and biodiversity
Empowering communities and fighting deforestation
Reversing land degradation and poverty through forest landscape restoration
A community based approach to restore degraded lands
Restoring coastal ecosystems in Senegal
Restoring coastal ecosystems in Senegal
Transitioning villages to agroforestry

Completed Projects

Greening the Sahel Desert across Africa
Restoring the Sarangani forest
Restoring Degraded Lands
Protecting Madagascar's Mangroves
Restoring Mount Kenya National Park
Breaking the Cycle of Poverty
Empowering communities through reforestation
Alleviate local poverty thanks to reforestation
Training inmates in prison to permaculture techniques