Advancing a Just, Green Future

Philanthropic funding helps us kick start key initiatives, accelerate others, and explore new projects and economic models.

A Turning Point for Global Well-being

At WeForest, we partner with individuals and foundations to tackle pressing global issues together.

The Challenge

Nature and climate are at a tipping point, with over a million species at risk and vital ecosystems under threat. This crisis directly affects 1.6 billion lives, connecting environmental health with social and economic stability.

Our Approach

We need to see the forest through the trees. WeForest’s projects go beyond traditional tree planting, integrating high-impact, holistic restoration models that deliver sustainable development for People, Nature, and Climate.

Your Impact

Philanthropy isn’t just funding — it’s a strategic force, driving innovative solutions to complex challenges. It attracts additional investment and builds confidence across our stakeholder network.

Direct Action: WeForest’s Grassroots Solution

In response to this collective challenge, WeForest champions a dynamic approach that is holistic, trustworthy, and locally-led.


Central to our FLR model are the pillars of Stewardship, Restoration, and Economic Resilience. This approach directly enhances biodiversity, engages communities, fosters green development, and safeguards vital natural resources like water, delivering comprehensive environmental and social impact.


As direct implementers, each project is guided by internal monitoring and evaluation (M&E) experts at the project, country, and HQ levels. This multi-layered approach ensures our model is rooted in rigorous research, external verification, and adaptive management.


WeForest co-creates projects with communities that are locally owned and centered on a shared vision for ecological and social well-being, ensuring lasting resilience for people and forests.

Philanthropy’s Impact: Activating Four Core Drivers

At WeForest, we partner with individuals and foundations to tackle pressing global issues together.


Multiply impact. By restoring strategic landscapes, we spark a ripple effect of ecosystem enhancement and community resilience at a regional scale.


Tailor solutions. By understanding and addressing the distinct needs of every landscape and community, we transform our FLR model into an adaptive tool for ecological and social revitalization.


Lay the groundwork. Early-stage support enables us to build relationships, establish trust, and deliver on initial commitments, laying a strong foundation for long-term success in new landscapes and communities.


Secure impact. Financial adaptability and stability ensures we can meet our strategic vision by quickly capitalizing on opportunities, cultivating collaboration, and responding to dynamic external challenges.

Our philanthropic partners

We partner with these trusts and foundations to achieve our common goals.

How can WeForest further your impact?

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