How we measure success

In a world where funding for environmental initiatives varies greatly, having solid monitoring and evaluation systems in place is essential to demonstrate the effectiveness and impact of restoration projects.

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“Forest restoration isn’t a one-off event; it’s an ongoing process that requires continuous follow-up to ensure that planted trees are thriving and new forests are growing.”
Kenny Helsen

Head of M&E and Research, WeForest

What is Monitoring and Evaluation?

Monitoring and Evaluation is a management process that allows us to deliver the outcomes we need. By designing the roadmap, collecting relevant data, conducting systematic analyses, and reporting, M&E systems provide valuable insights that help track the progress of projects, assess their value, quality, and effectiveness, identify barriers in implementation, make informed decisions to remove bottlenecks and improve results, and foster continuous learning from both failures and successes.

M&E at WeForest

At WeForest, M&E practices revolve around four purposes:

Why M&E is important to us

What data is collected and analysed?

M&E plays a vital role in robust reporting to project investors, encouraging further investment in restoration initiatives.

Holding ourselves to high standards - and not just our own

In addition to our internal monitoring and evaluation, WeForest aims to have third-party standard verifications to enhance quality, learning, and reliability. We seek verification from organisations like Preferred by Nature for Ecosystem Restoration, as well as certifications of carbon stocks through the Verified Carbon Standard and Climate, Community, and Biodiversity Standards.

An ongoing process

The long-term impact

M&E also helps us understand the real contribution of our projects to regional, national, and international climate and biodiversity commitments.

Endline studies for every project

Accounting for all ecological, socio-cultural, economic and biodiversity impacts. These studies are conducted after the implementation period, providing a comprehensive understanding of the project’s long-term outcomes.

Download our M&E brochure

We’ve created a useful brochure that covers our Monitoring and Evaluation principles and why they’re so important to WeForest.