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A re-greening effort by the government, community and NGOs is working to stop land degradation, protect natural resources and improve food production, mostly using ‘exclosures’: community-owned areas where livestock is not allowed.

In this way, degraded land is rehabilitated and its functions restored: protection against landslides, the provision of clean water and habitats for wildlife.

Why and how we’re working here

Currently, less than 1% of Tigray’s Afromontane forest is still standing, due to intense cattle grazing, unsustainable agriculture, wood extraction and illegal charcoal production.
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Dogua Tembien district, Tigray region

Restoration approaches

Assisted Natural Regeneration; framework planting

Project partners

Tigray Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Development; Ethio-Trees; BOS+


A. abyssinica, C. africana, C. macrostachyus, D. angustifolia, G. robusta, J. procera, O. europaea


Local communities, particularly women and young adults

The project’s impact on people

As well as restoring native forest and degraded lands and boosting groundwater recharge, our project promotes economic development and non-timber forest production with forest-friendly livelihood alternatives such as beekeeping, which in turn increases food security.

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Who’s funding the Seret project?

Updates from the Great Green Wall programme

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Thanks to you, amazing things happened this year!

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