The 2023 planting season starts in Desa’a
© WeForest
This summer the rains in Tigray started early, so at the beginning of June the communities and team hurried to take advantage and start preparing for planting.

Here they’re digging half-moon micro basins for the seedlings to give them a great start, as well as constructing other water harvesting structures to conserve water. More than 4000 hectares were soon ready for planting, thanks to the huge effort by hundreds of community members.

On 12th June – a bit sooner than usual because of the early rains – the Desa’a project’s 2023 planting season officially began. These team and community members are in Rubafeleg, planting seedlings in the half-moon pits. Over 1.4 million seedlings from 10 species have been nurtured in the nurseries and are ready to go in the ground.