and Weforest: Connecting Dots for a Greener future
© is an environmental impact-as-a-service platform that transforms millions of casual actions into real-world environmental impact. They celebrate everyone who makes a positive action on their companies, their lives, and the planet. This means people can plant trees while playing games, protect wildlife habitats while downloading an app, or save sea turtles while leaving a review (among many other impacts)!

The positive impacts are done through their partnerships with NGOs across the world. Their team of environmental scientists ensures they partner with the most transparent and impactful organizations through an extensive vetting process. This is how they came to find Weforest, a partnership that started in early 2023 and has only grown ever since. Weforest has been indispensable in our journey, bringing to light the importance of restoring the most critical areas of the world. 

Our big blue dot 

Our planet resembles an intricate puzzle, with each ecosystem playing a vital role. Disturbing nature, whether through deforestation, pollution, or habitat destruction, disrupts this delicate balance. Ecosystem restoration is about reassembling these pieces, renourishing biodiversity, and ensuring a sustainable planet. Healthy ecosystems provide essential services, benefiting human communities with clean water, fertile soil, and crop pollination, among others. When done correctly, restoration addresses both environmental and socio-economic issues, offering local communities opportunities for a green economy. By engaging and supporting local communities, restoration efforts contribute to long-term positive change. With all of these positive outcomes in mind, has a thorough process when selecting their collaborations to ensure long-term success and transparency.

© N. Van Ingen

Embracing sustainability with transparency and care

The vetting process developed by assesses various aspects of a partner’s activities to ensure credibility, effectiveness, and ethical practices. Vetting is performed by’s own internal environmental sciences team, led by Dr. Renata Alves. It evaluates the mission and objectives of the potential partner. A thorough background investigation is also conducted into operations, the track record of impact-making, monitoring and reporting practices. The approach to community engagement of potential partners is also assessed to ensure that local communities are actively participating in and benefiting from the projects.

“Choosing the right collaboration is as important as the impact itself. As a science-based company, our job is to protect our ecosystems by partnering with those organizations we know are taking the time and care to monitor and report on their impact. Here at Dots we are super proud to have a full team of scientists working towards a clean impact.”

Dr Renata Alves, Lead Environmental Scientist at

Monitoring our impact’s environmental monitoring program is designed to assess project success in restoring and maintaining wild landscapes. The program collects materials and tracks indicators through remote sensing and field data, including field reports and photographic evidence. The remote sensing routine for restoration projects uses satellite images to detect the health and density of the vegetation on the ground using the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI). High NDVI values represent healthy and denser vegetation, while lower values represent stress or reduced vegetation. By being able to look at changes in NDVI over time, the routine provides a standard method for quantifying the progress of restoration efforts.

Making waves, one dot at a time not only provides end users the possibility to create real-world environmental impact in a very simple way, but they also provide them with the possibility to share their impact through their certificates! Once a user redeems their environmental reward, they get a personalized and trackable certificate which can be shared on social media platforms. Through this method, they are creating a massive community of environmentally conscious individuals. When users track their impact, they have access to the NGO name, the exact location, and the status of their impact.

Our projects

Through our collaboration, has enabled the impactful work of WeForest in the Great Green Wall programme, the Wildlife Corridors programme, and the Miombo Belt Regeneration programme.

Our impact to date has enabled the restoration of 1.3 million square feet (~12.84ha) among all of the WeForest projects they’ve contributed. Through this collaboration, we hope to expand this number more and more, for our ecosystems, and our future. 

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