Developing the honey value-chain to protect forests


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As a co-implementing partner in a USAID-funded (HEARTH) Global Development Alliance led by Frankfurt Zoological Society, WeForest will scale up beekeeping as a conservation-compatible livelihood in Mukungule Chiefdom, supporting farmers to protect their forest through an innovative microloan scheme for beehives.

The Mukungule chiefdom forms the western boundary of the 463 600 ha North Luangwa National Park. Transforming this chiefdom into a thriving economic zone can buffer the park: when communities are empowered and directly benefit financially, they become the best custodians of their forests.

Why and how we’re working here

The communities living within the Mukungule Game Management Area (GMA) primarily depend on low input agriculture, with chitemene or slash-and-burn agriculture being typical. With the current population density increasing rapidly, the pressure on land is unsustainable. 

A further key threat are the man-made fires that inhibit regrowth and forest regeneration. These also have a severe effect on wildlife and wetlands (dambos) in terms of biodiversity, carbon storage and water retention capacity.

A newer threat is unsustainable charcoal production, which is picking up especially in areas close to Mpika town.


Mukungule Chiefdom, Muchinga Province, northeast Zambia

Restoration approaches

Conservation; Assisted Natural Regeneration

restoration partners

Frankfurt Zoological Society (FZS)

10 local communities (village action groups)



The project’s impact on people and nature

The scale-up of beekeeping as a conservation-compatible livelihood will incentivize communities to restore degraded forest through beekeeping. The project will also support associated sustainable forest management for a sustainable and long-lasting impact, with increases in direct and indirect benefits for the communities within the GMA through employment, training and better income through honey sales. The beekeeping model is to be developed based on market diagnosis.

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Who’s funding the Mukungule project?

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