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We turn your sustainability initiatives into action

Staff, clients and consumers today choose brands that contribute to the wellbeing of the planet over those that don't.

Our business partnerships link employees, clients, partners and customers to direct and measurable impacts aligned with the UN SDGs.​

Are you taking climate action, becoming ‘nature positive’, developing employee engagement programmes or creating CSR initiatives? Let’s work together!

What you can do with us

Plant and grow trees

Support food security and community resilience

Restore healthy soils and water

Forest-friendly micro-businesses

Carbon offsetting

Conserve nature and boost biodiversity

Regreen dry and degraded land

Regenerative agriculture and agroforestry

Featured partnerships

Impact Marketing

Some companies fund the growth of a tree or the restoration of one square metre or hectare per product or service sold

% for forests

Some companies contribute a percentage of their revenue or a fixed amount per product sold to forest restoration

Employee engagement

Challenge your employees to achieve health or wellness targets that are translated into donations for NGOs

Long-term partnerships

For companies interested in carbon sequestration, long-term compensation is a good option

You’ll receive...

  • Our digital map of the area where your trees are growing, with stories from the field

  • A personalised company sponsor web page showcasing the impact of your contribution (sponsorships only)

  • Impact certificates to help you promote your contribution, or to give as a gift

  • Videos, photos and content from the project for you to use in your own communications

  • Twice-yearly progress reports on the project’s socio-economic and ecological impact

  • Advice on how best to share the content and impact of your partnership with us

All these businesses are making Earth cooler with us

Want to find out more?

If your business can help us make Earth cooler, please write to us at or fill in the Partnering with WeForest enquiry form. We’ll share some options so you can select the project that best aligns with your goals. 

Liz Oates

Corporate Partnership Development Manager

Louise Tideman

Sponsorship Manager

Gaetan Magrin

Sponsorships Officer