“Delighting our customers with trees as a reward works!”

Tijn Van Elderen, CEO, Brabantia


Founded way back in 1919, Brabantia is a Dutch family company that designs and manufactures a range of beautiful homeware products that make doing chores more enjoyable. They’re still a family-run business, but they now sell across the globe and employ about 1000 people worldwide.

Brabantia has always been very considerate of their impact on the planet – they’ve been developing recycling innovations since before ‘recycling’ was a word and support various large and small sustainability initiatives. Brabantia is a certified B Corp.

Our Solutions

Brabantia approached WeForest back in 2014 when they were looking to refresh the marketing of one of their existing products – the rotary dryer. Although this product already supports sustainable living, Brabantia wanted a new and interesting angle to highlight this.

They came up with the idea of planting a tree for every rotary dryer that they sold and needed a reforestation partner to deliver this commitment. After comparing various potential organisations, Brabantia were impressed with WeForest’s credentials and the transparency that they were able to provide around where their projects were carried out and the impact created. WeForest also allowed for flexibility of logo usage and branding, which allowed Brabantia to be more creative with the way that they positioned the tree planting messaging.

So far, Brabantia is growing over 2.8 MILLION TREES with WeForest.

In the first three years of the partnership, during which they ran an extensive “Love Nature” campaign, they saw some brilliant results across the business, including:

0 %
growth in sales volume
0 %
growth in sales margins
0 %
email opening rate by customers
0 %
of customers telling a friend about the campaign

Tijn Van Elderen

CEO of Brabantia

“He who grows a tree, plants hope for generations to come. Brabantia aims to plant and grow more than 3 million trees.”

Anne Slaats

Brand Manager at Brabantia

“It’s easy and very nice to work with you. It feels as if we can trust you and you trust us. It’s amazing that we are growing so many trees together!”

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