WATCH: Tackling Greenwashing - Tracking climate and nature commitments with technology
As calls for environmental awareness grow stronger, businesses are under scrutiny to substantiate their green initiatives, distinguishing genuine efforts from greenwashing.

Our recent webinar, ‘Tackling Greenwashing: Tracking Environmental Investments with Technology‘ on the 21st March, provided useful guidance for businesses striving for authentic environmental engagement. Co-hosted by impact technology provider, OpenForests and forest restoration nonprofit, WeForest, it explained how innovative technologies can be harnessed to create transparency with your nature investments and build trust with your audiences.

The imperative for authenticity

The webinar is set against the backdrop of rising consumer demand for transparency and authenticity in sustainability claims. This deceptive practice undermines the credibility of environmental initiatives and erodes consumer trust. The event aimed to arm businesses with the technological insights and tools necessary to validate their green efforts and showcase their true impact.

Watch the recording above. You can also download the slides that were presented by clicking below:


Why this webinar matters

This webinar is essential for business leaders, environmental strategists, and sustainability practitioners seeking to:

  • Stay abreast of technological advancements in environmental tracking and verification.
  • Gain actionable insights into leveraging these technologies for enhanced sustainability outcomes.
  • Strengthen their brand’s credibility by avoiding greenwashing and transparently communicating genuine environmental achievements.

Embracing the future of sustainability

The ‘Tackling Greenwashing: Tracking Environmental Investments with Technology’ webinar represents a significant opportunity for businesses to lead in the sustainability domain. By adopting the technological innovations discussed, companies can make verifiable contributions to environmental preservation and set new benchmarks for integrity and transparency in their sustainability endeavors.