“There are many worthy and essential ways of helping the environment, but WeForest cuts to the very essence of the problem.”

Harry Lyon-Smith, Director, IllustrationX


Founded in 1929, IllustrationX has over 200 top illustrators and animators who work throughout the creative industries globally. With offices in London, New York, Mumbai, Shanghai, Rio de Janeiro and Sydney, as well as associated offices in Hamburg, Paris and Singapore, the company manages a few hundred illustration and animation commissions a month for some of the biggest brands in the world.

Driven by concern about the degree to which the natural world is being rapidly marginalised by the joined-up scale of urban and industrial expansion, in 2012 IllustrationX’s Director wanted to go beyond minimizing their own carbon footprint and make a strong commitment to a sustainable planet.

Our Solutions

IllustrationX made the decision to donate 1% of turnover to reforestation from 2013 onwards, with the aim of growing 1 million trees every five years, a milestone they reached in 2018. They chose to partner with WeForest because of its practicable solutions with the aim of restoring ecosystems, focusing also on long-term well being of local communities.

In the same year the company also joined 1% for the Planet, a global movement which builds and supports an alliance of businesses financially committed to creating a healthy planet. Their target with WeForest is now set firmly on growing a total of 10 million trees in Zambia and Ethiopia.

In Zambia and Ethiopia, IllustrationX is:



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IllustrationX’s Director Harry Lyon-Smith also reports that the partnership with WeForest helped them achieve a high score in their BCorp accreditation in 2022.

Harry Lyon-Smith

Director, IllustrationX

”This is the way that we can most meaningfully and quickly help combat global warming and climate change, whilst helping recover lost habitats, societies and local weather patterns. Our 1% of turnover as an absolute pledge to the environment is a sort of self-taxation and investment in the future, so we can still do what we love doing for many decades to come.”

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