Growing together: How reforestation partnerships improve employee engagement
© Ruben Foquet, WeForest
Here's the real talk: the business world is ripe for change, particularly when it comes to making a positive impact on the environment.

More than 50% of employees say they research a brand’s environmental impact and policies before accepting a job. This goes beyond recycling or reducing office waste. It’s about embracing a hands-on approach to sustainability that resonates with your team on a deeper level. Teaming up with forest restoration like WeForest is an extraordinary chance to engage your employees in a meaningful, earth-friendly mission.

Picture this: instead of the usual team-building fare, why not dig into something that genuinely benefits the planet? We’re suggesting a shift from the norm towards activities that your employees can get passionate about, offering both personal fulfillment and a tangible contribution to the world.

When we roll up our sleeves to restore the earth, we’re doing more than planting trees; we’re cultivating a sense of belonging and shared purpose. This not only makes our daily grind more meaningful but also turns our workplace into a magnet for those who want to leave the world better than they found it. It’s a strategy that elevates brand identity, attracting top talent who prioritize employers with a conscience. Moreover, by rallying around noble causes such as tree growing, employees foster a deeper connection with each other and their work, leading to enhanced morale, creativity, and productivity. This communal dedication to a greener tomorrow cultivates an innovative and collaborative culture, setting the stage for both personal and professional growth within a forward-thinking environment.

Transforming employee participation into environmental action

The traditional view of employee engagement in environmental efforts has undergone a significant transformation. What used to be limited to occasional, perhaps half-hearted, participation has evolved into dynamic campaigns that allow every employee to contribute to global reforestation efforts, turning individual actions into collective milestones toward a greener planet. 

Imagine teams not just meeting targets but also planting forests, like Zalando’s crew running the distance to reforest Brazil, or DB Schenker’s global journey restoring forests in Ethiopia. Nike, leveraging its community through the Nike Run Club App, turned kilometers run into trees planted, leading to the restoration of over 110 hectares of forest. These examples aren’t just about doing good; they’re about feeling good, enhancing the workplace atmosphere and transforming effort into environmental impact.

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Serco Europe’s “Goes Green” initiative has not only integrated eco-conscious practices into its operations but also significantly enhanced its business profile, attracting both customers and talent who prioritize corporate responsibility. By rallying a robust network of Green Ambassadors across its European footprint, this program has shown that even the smallest green acts, when aggregated, can precipitate substantial environmental benefits. Through a dynamic partnership with WeForest, Serco EU inspires its workforce to engage in eco-friendly and community-focused activities, such as beach clean-ups. Each of these meaningful actions leads to the growing of 100 trees by WeForest, symbolizing a commitment to both environmental restoration and social responsibility. 

A call to action for corporate responsibility

Empower your team with a mission that matters. WeForest offers a unique platform for businesses seeking to engage employees through meaningful environmental action. Let’s work together to integrate forest restoration into your employee engagement strategy, creating a culture of sustainability and shared purpose. Connect with WeForest and transform your workplace into a community committed to making a real difference for our planet. Your journey towards impactful change starts here.