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Why Forest and Landscape Restoration?

Forests lift people out of


By reversing desertification, helping water infiltrate and improving soil, forests supply clean water and air and provide livelihoods to surrounding communities.

Forests provide

livelihoods and products
Provisional ecosystem services from forests include food, medicines and timber. Around 1.3 billion people globally are directly dependent on forests.

Forests regulate

the climate
Regulating ecosystem services include maintaining the quality of air and soil, water supply and regulation, controlling flooding and erosion, cloud formation and carbon sequestration.

FLR projects

support communities
Jobs are created in community-run nurseries or at planting time. Farmers are supported in transitioning to sustainable agriculture practices such as agroforestry.

Across all WeForest projects, women are empowered through income generation and entrepreneurship.

Women are still responsible for household work in many countries, meaning that they are the ones providing their husband and children – and perhaps other family members – with food. In a subsistence economy, this means that they are typically the ones collecting water and gathering firewood. 

They play a key role in using and managing forest resources, yet are often overlooked or even excluded.

Meet some of the women playing an active role in FLR with WeForest: