Protecting and Restoring Biodiversity

We are facing a global biodiversity crisis with unprecedented rates of biodiversity loss across different ecosystems.  Protecting and supporting the recovery of forest biodiversity is crucial to ensuring a healthy and resilient planet.

Protecting and Restoring Biodiversity research projects

Monitoring biodiversity in Brazil’s Atlantic Forest using RFCx bio-acoustic technology

Pontal, Brazil


In collaboration with: 

WeForest’s Pontal project aims to reconnect isolated patches of old-growth forest to protect and support the recovery of biodiversity in the Atlantic Forest.  

So are animals using these wildlife corridors? Which animals are using the corridors? And how does the faunal biodiversity in our wildlife corridors compare to other land cover types in the wider landscape?

To answer these questions we are collaborating with Rainforest Connection (RFCx) and our project partner IPÊ to assess faunal biodiversity across the project landscape using innovative bioacoustic monitoring technology.

RFCx acoustic monitoring devices like this will be deployed across our restoration areas and in nearby old-growth forest remnants and non-forested areas to record detailed soundscapes.

Using machine learning, RFCx experts will create acoustic identification models for 40 species of interest. The distribution and activity of these species will be monitored over the next 3 years.

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