Forest-Water Nexus

Land use and land use change has a big impact on climate and on water resources.  Forests influence rainfall patterns and impact water availability, quantity and quality at different spatial and time scales.  It is of key importance to advance current knowledge on forest-water relationships and the effect of restoration on complex forest-water-climate processes.

Forest-Water Nexus research projects

Forest-Water Monitoring and Capacity Building

Ethiopia, Desa’a

India, Khasi Hills


In collaboration with: 

During 2017 & 2018 WeForest collaborated with FAO’s Forest and Water Programme to deliver a series of forest-water capacity building workshops at our Khasi Hills project in India and our Desa’a project in Ethiopia.

These workshops helped to develop FAO’s forest-water capacity development facilitation guide and new online Forest & Landscape Water Ecosystem Services (FL-WES) Tool.  The tool is designed to enable an integrated approach towards managing forest and water resources, helping users to prioritise which forest-water indicators to monitor and how to measure them.

Watch this short video from Felix Pde, Forestry Team Leader for the Khasi Hills project recorded for the launch of the FL-WES Tool in early 2021.

For more information on the 2017-18 capacity development workshops download the full workshop reports here: