Full Year Progress Report

Reversing land degradation and poverty through forest landscape restoration


WeForest’s largest forest and landscape restoration project in Tigray, Northern Ethiopia, is aiming to bring water back to the region, reverse soil erosion and lift communities out of poverty. Despite continuation of the war in the region through 2022, the team and the community once again met the planting and restoration goals. 4031 ha was brought under restoration management – the equivalent of over 4800 football pitches, we are now over one-third of the way to restoring the 38 000 ha landscape. The livelihoods programme was however significantly impacted by the restrictions on markets, fuel, and bank closures. At the end of the year we were delighted to see a peace-deal agreed, and our team and the communities are cautiously optimistic for 2023 and the hope of stability and peace in the wider region. This report shares an update of our progress during 2022. Thank you for all your support!


Desa’a Forest is divided into two zones: the core zone and the buffer zone (see map) where the primary activities include enrichment planting, Assisted Natural Regeneration, the implementation of different silvicultural and post-planting management activities, and conserving soil and water resources.

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Thank you for supporting the Desa’a project!