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Founded in 2019, Wren offers an all-in-one climate subscription to individuals and businesses eager to take climate action. Wren’s platform makes it easy for users to calculate their carbon footprint and learn how to reduce it. Via a monthly contribution, individuals can offset their emissions and support a diverse portfolio of climate solutions that includes conservation, policy, technology, restoration, and more. Regular updates show how the user is making a positive impact on the climate.

Wren searches the globe for climate projects with the biggest potential. Nature-based projects usually consist of protecting forests, planting new forests, or using regenerative agriculture techniques to sequester carbon or prevent methane emissions.

wren team photo against deforestation

Our Solutions

When looking to expand its portfolio of projects, Wren researched over 20 organizations, looking for projects that use effective, science-based approaches to achieve healthy, thriving forests. They had three main categories to consider when looking for the right project to support: restoration approach, community engagement, and monitoring and transparency. This search led them to WeForest. 

Wren appreciated WeForest’s site-specific approach to ensure the long-term ecological health of the reforested area, as well as the fact that our projects use practices like Free, Prior, and Informed Consent to foster community support, minimize conflicts and enhance project sustainability. Importantly, WeForest’s use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology and third-party audits guarantees the accuracy of its claims and the effectiveness of its tree-growing efforts.

For our first initiative with WeForest, Wren is GROWING AND NURTURING TREES in the Tigray region of Ethiopia:



Growing an estimated


Sophie Westover

Climate Portfolio Manager

“Wren is excited to support this WeForest initiative! We love that our users can see the exact plots of land where Wren is supporting this important work.”

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