“Our employees love that we care about the environment.”

Vivian Valenty, President, Dazzle Dry


Founded in 2007, Dazzle Dry is a nail care line free from harmful chemicals, animal byproducts and animal testing. Dazzle Dry’s mission is to provide safe and clean nail care products that do not harm people, nature or the planet, and they partner with a variety of organizations that support human and environmental causes.

Dazzle Dry’s president was inspired to take action for the planet at the 2018 Green Spa Network conference, where the speaker presented convincing arguments that the accumulation of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is one of the causes of global warming. Determined to plant two million trees in ten years, she contacted WeForest on the speaker’s recommendation.

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For every retail order received on dazzledry.com, the company grows one tree. Their website has a dedicated page explaining the initiative, with monthly updates about the number of trees grown from its inception in April 2018. Although they haven’t yet surveyed their customers to gauge their appreciation for the programme, their employees certainly love that they care about the environment. The fact that WeForest empowers and supports communities to take over forest management and shift to sustainable, forest-friendly livelihoods also satisfies another of Dazzle Dry’s president’s life goals: to help people through education.

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Vivian Valenty


“Dazzle Dry believes that beauty and wellness go hand in hand. For us, partnering with WeForest to help communities in India’s Khasi Hills and the Zambia Luanshya district regenerate their forest was a natural fit. Now every purchase our clients make doesn’t just give them healthier cosmetics, it gives us all a healthier planet.”

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