What Natural climate solutions exist today ?
Publication summary from the PNAS - W. Griscom et al. (full link here) - September 5, 2017. Better stewardship of land is needed to achieve the Paris Climate
23 October 2017Environmental News
Do you want to become WeForest's Country Representative in Brazil?
We are expanding our team! Summary                    
20 October 2017FeaturedBrazil, wildlife corridors
Why do some projects fail?
It’s April 2011 at the TEDxYYC event. As with so many public sharings of ideas, we pretty much expect to hear more stories of glory, heroism, the triumph of
16 October 2017Environmental News, Featured
FLR Framework Workshop
Taming the FLR beast: the mission of the Forest and Landscape Restoration Standard (FLoRES) Task Force
Doing small tasks well is relatively easy, but doing big, complex, and long-lived things well is a far more daunting mission that requires vision, leadership
12 September 2017Science News
Tree seedling in Khasi Hills
Healthier soil for healthier forest
The top soil in the Khasi Hills is very shallow and lacking in nutrients. A natural way to condition and fertilize soil is to add compost to the vital humus
6 September 2017Project NewsIndia Khasi Hills
Ethiopia Tigray Tree Seedlings Planting WeForest
Creating jobs for local communities in forest restoration
In Central Tigray in Ethiopia, WeForest collaborates with partners Mekelle University and Tigray Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Development to support local
31 August 2017Project NewsEthiopia Seret
Water capacity building in INDIA
WeForest, in collaboration with FAO's Forest and Water Programme and the Federation, organised a Forest-Water Capacity Building workshop in
28 July 2017Science PublicationsIndia Khasi Hills
Tentsile business reforestation weforest
Tentsile - a company born from Passion
1983: A six-year-old London boy, Alex, saw the destruction of the Amazonian rainforest on the BBC news. A few weeks later, his grandmother took him to see
12 July 2017Partner NewsCopperbelt: Forests on FarmsTentsile
WeForest forest regeneration Zambia
Expedition, adventure, restoration: a conservation biologist visits.
James Borrell is a conservation biologist with a passion for expeditions and adventure. He’s been involved with a range of projects over four continents.
12 July 2017
Money can’t buy happiness?
We hear it all the time; ‘Money can’t buy happiness!’. Whoever says that is just not spending it on the right things. It seems there are some things that we
11 July 2017Featured
Water Forest Nexus
Forest-Water capacity building in the Khasi Hills, India
Shillong, Meghalaya, Northeast India – The United Nations Food and Agricultural Organisation, WeForest, the University of Twente (The Netherlands) 
7 July 2017India Khasi Hills
3 July 2017Project NewsEthiopia Seret