Interconnecting Forests, Water and People
The International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO) has published a new global scientific assessment highlighting the need for an integrated
20 August 2018Featured, Science News
WeForest Joins AFR100 as Technical Partner
The African Forest Landscape Restoration Initiative (AFR100) was started by the African Union to restore 100 million hectares of deforested and degraded
3 July 2018Featured, Science News
Building Forest-Water Monitoring Capacity
Building Forest-Water Monitoring Capacity for FLR in Ethiopia
WeForest, FAO and GIZ have just delivered a forest-water capacity building workshop in Mekelle, Ethiopia. The workshop ran from 18th - 24th June with the
2 July 2018Featured, Project News, Science NewsEthiopia Desa'a
PACT logo3
WeForest Makes a PACT
In April 2018 WeForest joined the “Pact for the Restoration of the Atlantic Forest” or PACT. PACT is a movement created in 2009, motivated by the critical
22 June 2018Science NewsBrazil, wildlife corridors
Land has true value. Invest in it.
A third of all land on Earth is severely degraded making it difficult to produce food and collect clean water. How will we live when it’s all gone? The 
14 June 2018Featured, Science News
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Youth shake the Coconut tree
Youth shake the Coconut tree during the Halting Deforestation Conference in Rome 19 – 22 Feb 2018. Over 50 enthusiastic youth from around the world gathered
16 March 2018Science News
Event at COP23: innovative and diverse financing for forest conservation & restoration at landscape scale
As the global community prepares to implement ambitious forest landscape restoration plans, it is vital to pay attention to the quality of FLR outcomes and
9 November 2017Science News
FLR Framework Workshop
Taming the FLR beast: the mission of the Forest and Landscape Restoration Standard (FLoRES) Task Force
Doing small tasks well is relatively easy, but doing big, complex, and long-lived things well is a far more daunting mission that requires vision, leadership
12 September 2017Science News