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Planting trees to avoid climate disaster
22 January 2019Featured, Partner News, WeForest in the MediaBNP Paribas Fortis Foundation
Climate Change2
The restoration economy is a growing economy
During COP24 in Katowice, Poland, end of last year, it once again was discussed how to deal with an ever growing and demanding global population in an
7 January 2019Featured
Forests – a story of synergy and opportunity
Some may say that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is not 'economically viable' or that it might erode someone's income. However, if they do not, these
20 December 2018Featured, Environmental News
India Training and planting
Involving the community in our Landscape Restoration Projects
When starting a new project totally from scratch, it might sometimes take up to a year before we start planting and protecting the first trees. That's a very
11 December 2018FeaturedIndia Khasi Hills
Connecting the dots for sustainable landscapes
The theme of this year´s Global Landscapes Forum (GLF) in Bonn was´Connecting for impact´. Connecting people from across the world and across sectors -
6 December 2018Featured
65.000 people on the streets for climate!
The biggest climate march ever in Belgium took place on Sunday December 2nd in the streets of Brussels, coinciding with the start of the UN Climate
5 December 2018Featured
Breaking the vicious circle
Forest fires are a result of global warming, they also increase it. They cause more carbon to be released, increase temperatures, transforming land into
19 November 2018Featured, WeForest in the Media
Giant fans Vs Trees
Forests are our best Climate Changers
Engineers are trying to replicate what a tree does (absorb and store carbon) to reduce carbon pollution : what’s wrong with just using trees?
19 November 2018Featured, WeForest Video
Archbishop Desmond Tutu's wisdom continues to inspire us
  Thank you Archbishop Desmond Tutu for your wise words written for us 5 years ago. Your wisdom continues to inspire us. (Extract from the book: "
13 November 2018Featured
The signs are pointing in the right direction!
Do you know what ANR means? These farmers do! As we work with them in Luanshya, Zambia, farmer Jomo (middle) is proudly looking at the sign on the piece of
6 November 2018Featured, Project NewsZambia Luanshya
Teaching for Trees
Teaching a weekend course on Tropical Forest Restoration in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in exchange for trees being planted for WeForest's Atlantic Forest
25 October 2018FeaturedBrazil, wildlife corridors