Brazil Amazon fires
Help protect the Amazon forest - Emergency Fund
Spikes in fire outbreaks in the Amazon are often related to increased deforestation. The Amazonian municipality of Apui, at the border of the so-called "
10 September 2019Featured, Environmental NewsBrazil, wildlife corridors
Malawi fires
The fires in south-central Africa
(Picture above) Fire on Mount Mulanje, close to one of our project restoration plots which was not affected by it thanks to the firebreaks that were installed
5 September 2019Featured, Project NewsMalawi Mulanje
Involving the local people is key to regrow the Amazon forest
Bill Liao speaks on ABC News about how we can regrow the Amazon forest after the devastating fires while creating a good income for the local
28 August 2019Featured, WeForest in the Media
Brazil: Should we stay or should we go?
For a while, Brazil had been showing a willingness to better protect the Amazon and for the past two decades preserving the lungs of the earth was the core
23 August 2019Featured
Trees can stop global warming: who will fund them?
Climate change, or rather climate urgency is hot: it is on the streets, it is making headlines in the press, and it was central in the last May European
22 August 2019Featured
Singing for Trees
Cath Grant shared this song with WeForest, signifying the ecological importance of trees.   One thousand civilizations have we seen flourish
21 August 2019Featured
Climate-Smart Agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa
Time to talk with Dr. Aklilu Negussie, author and editor of some chapters of this book and WeForest’s Ethiopia Country Director, to hear all
20 August 2019Featured, Science Publications, WeForest Publications
350 million trees in ONE day!
Marie Noelle Keijzer, CEO of WeForest and Peter Kanowski, Professor of Forestry at the Australian National University comment on the Australian ABC
1 August 2019Featured, WeForest in the MediaEthiopia Desa'a
Desaa Blog_Olive Juniperus
Trees in the spotlight
The evergreen African Wild Olive grows in the Afromontane forests in Sudan, Somalia, Eastern tropical Africa and South Africa. She prefers the drier highland
26 June 2019Featured, Project NewsEthiopia Seret
Brazil as an agricultural powerhouse
Agriculture is one of the main pillars for the Brazilian economy: 25% of the GDP over the past two decades was made up by agriculture and animal husbandry.
10 June 2019FeaturedBrazil, wildlife corridors
20 Million trees
20 Million trees planted
20 million trees! - and 16.000 hectares restored: Check out this video to see the impact of these these millions of trees in the field.
19 April 2019Featured, WeForest Video