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Join our Board of Trustees
As WeForest continues its year-on-year growth, we are seeking new Trustees for our Board, specifically a Treasurer, a Secretary and a Legal and Ethics Expert
8 September 2021Featured, Job vacancies
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You’ll only meet these in Mulanje
  By restoring the forests on the flanks of Mount Mulanje in Malawi, our project with the Mount Mulanje Conservation Trust is also regenerating the
6 September 2021Project NewsMalawi Mulanje
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Practical and positive climate action, for everyone
We think you probably know by now - and just in case you don’t, here’s a helpful summary from the World Resources Institute.   Instead, we’d
18 August 2021Science News
“The Earth is our travel companion”
  One rice farmer from the region,  Yaya Diatta, told us about how the landscape has changed since his father worked here in the 1950s. “The
26 July 2021Project NewsCasamance Mangroves, Sine-Saloum Mangroves
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“Without the Amazon, our climate would be even more chaotic”
Q: Why are rainforests so important? A: As well as being home to more than half of Earth’s plant and animal species, rainforests are important for
22 June 2021Featured
A well-prepared planting site showing different soil and water conservation structures. @ ANM, WeForest
Defending land against desertification and drought
  Desertification happens when - usually either by human activity or climate changes - ecosystems in already dry areas become degraded. Land in dry
17 June 2021FeaturedEthiopia Desa'a
Atlantic Forest Day 2021
  There’s only around 13% of Mata Atlântica’s original forest cover left, but two of our projects are working to change that.
27 May 2021Project NewsBrazil, wildlife corridors, Tietê Forests
Annual Report 2020
Close to 16,000 hectares of forests were added in 2020, which includes a new 8,500 ha conservation project in Chintumukulu, Zambia. This brings our total
20 May 2021WeForest Publications, WeForest Annual Report
 Reforestation Directory
Transparency is key when choosing a restoration project
Their searchable ‘Reforestation Directory’ focuses on transparency: how many of several important criteria are publicly disclosed by an organization?
19 May 2021Featured
Mangroves projects on Ubani TV
17 May 2021Project NewsCasamance Mangroves, Sine-Saloum Mangroves