We firmly believe in working together. We are a member of or affiliated with various local, national and global initiatives and alliances that share our goals. 

We also work closely with an ever-growing group of partners in worldwide landscape projects, as well as collaborating with universities and research institutes to strengthen our reforestation strategy through applied research. Please see our Projects and Science pages for details.


1% For the Planet

1% For the Planet is a non-profit organisation bringing dollars and do'ers together to address the most pressing issues facing our planet.




A World Economic Forum initiative designed to support the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration 2021-2030, led by UNEP and FAO.



A global network that unites governments, organizations, academic institutes, communities and individuals  to restore the world’s lost and degraded forests and their surrounding landscapes.


Global Restoration Observatory (GRO)​

As a partner of the Global Restoration Observatory (GRO), WeForest joins the World Resources Institute and others working towards tracking restoration progress across the globe.


The Economics of Ecosystem Restoration (TEER)

An initiative led by FAO to gather data on the costs and benefits of ecosystem restoration, TEER's aim is to make a database for use by decision makers and practitioners to inform and guide restoration efforts and to encourage investment in FLR.


Global Evergreening Alliance

An Australian platform aiming to leverage the strengths, capacities and programmes of its member organisations to restore degraded lands worldwide.