Forest landscape restoration (FLR) is a process that aims to restore ecological integrity and enhance human well-being in landscapes that have lost forest cover, forest quality and forest resources that are of importance to communities and their livelihoods. Although there are several international standards for ecosystem restoration being developed or already in place, they do not address the complex nature of forest landscape restoration, where ecological and socio-economic factors are intrinsically interlinked.

WeForest is collaborating with key partners to lead an international effort to develop an FLR Standard, a set of benchmarks for promoting better outcomes and practices of FLR programs around the world. To this end, the FLoRES Taskforce was established during an expert meeting organised by WeForest and hosted by São Paolo University, September 17. 

To ensure we move in the right direction and that an FLR standard emerges out of a truly global effort, we would like to hear from you. Please tell us what you think, and become a part of this broad-based and inclusive process to help make FLR happen. Read the FLoRES task force new publication.

Contact: FLoREStaskforce@weforest.org

Read about our “Pact for the Restoration of the Atlantic Forest” or PACT.