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Can’t see the water for the trees?

In the wake of the Forest-Water Nexus monitoring workshop that took place in Sweden last week, the need for an integrated approach to forest and water management has been highlighted once more in an article published today by Dr Dalton and colleagues.

Managing Forests for Water and Climate Cooling

As shared by WeForest at COP21, new research reveals that forest processes are more important than previously thought, and can result in 5 short and long-term benefits for water availability and climate.

Forests reaching carbon saturation point

The ability of Europe’s aging forests to absorb carbon dioxide is heading towards saturation point, threatening one of the main defences against global warming, a new study shows.

ASM Live 2013, Denver

Whether the microorganisms routinely inhabit the upper troposphere — perhaps living on carbon compounds also found there — or whether they were simply lofted there from the Earth’s surface isn’t yet known.