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Better earth observation data can unlock landscape restoration at scale

We have a real conundrum: while it may be difficult and risky to work with nature—the recent fires, droughts and floods serve as a reminder of the challenges we face—protecting and restoring forests is our best chance to win the race against climate change and at the same time put a halt on catastrophic biodiversity loss.

New research on ground-level ozone

At higher levels of Earth’s atmosphere, ozone performs a protective role against harmful UV radiation from the sun. But did you know that increased concentrations of ozone at lower levels of the atmosphere act as a pollutant, posing a threat to human and animal health and plant growth, and contributing to climate change?

Ten golden rules? Call it twelve

The organisers of this week’s Reforestation for Biodiversity, Carbon Capture and Livelihoods conference, RBG Kew, have outlined the ten ‘golden rules’ for tree planting which must be a top priority for all nations this decade. WeForest wholeheartedly agrees – so much so that we’re expanding on the list here, with some of our own experience.