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Rain starts play

It’s the start of the rainy season in Amhara, Ethiopia – which means that planting is starting. In this video Aklilu, WeForest’s Country Director in Ethiopia, presents some of the tree species that the workers are transplanting to the fields – all respecting social distancing, of course. 


Brabantia’s community tree nurseries

Since Brabantia started restoring forests in 2014 with WeForest, we have seen the immense impact of their trees. Now we’re seeing what they mean for rural families at the community-run tree nurseries they’re supporting in Amhara.


News from the field in Amhara

Our project in Amhara, which focuses on restoring forests in order to create healthy and productive lands for rural families, is now well underway.

AHR_DiscussingGulliesAndualemAdane _Nov2016_©WeForest

How gullies threaten livelihoods

Meet Andwalem Adane, a local 5th grader living in Amhara, Ethiopia. He is worried about the gullies that currently scatter the landscape because it threatens his family’s land.


Love Nature nursery

We appreciate each and every one of our supporters and today we want to say a big thanks to Brabantia, our loyal supporter since 2014.