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Tentsile – a company born from Passion

1983: A six-year-old London boy, Alex, saw the destruction of the Amazonian rainforest on the BBC news. A few weeks later, his grandmother took him to see Return of the Jedi. 


Brabantia’s community tree nurseries

Since Brabantia started restoring forests in 2014 with WeForest, we have seen the immense impact of their trees. Now we’re seeing what they mean for rural families at the community-run tree nurseries they’re supporting in Amhara.


Making Earth Cooler with EOCA

EOCA, the European Outdoor Conservation Association, is making waves in the European outdoor industry with its commitment to funding conservation projects across the world.

welcome to pablo's forest

Planting trees for our children

As parents we want to be able to look into our children’s eyes and say we did our best. At WeForest, that means doing something to reverse the world’s climate crisis.


The impact of Kwadraat’s support

In partnership with WeForest, Kwadraat has helped to plant trees and restore the landscapes of Ethiopia, Brazil and Burkina Faso.


Ecosia visits their trees

It’s been more than a year since thanks to your searches we started supporting a tree planting project in Burkina Faso.