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Case Studies

“Small actions by many can lead to great things”

Håkon Bygland, Head of Global Panels, Norstat

Norstat is the leading independent European data collector for market research. With offices in 15 European countries and data collection capabilities in 19 countries, they are a full-stack data provider through both online and offline methods.

The backbone of Norstat’s data collection capabilities are consumer panels. Norstat has access to an extensive network of more than 2.5 million consumers and decision makers across Europe that participate in market research studies and contribute with their valuable opinions. The information gathered gives clients access to valuable insights that help them make meaningful decisions.

The members of Norstat’s respondent panels are rewarded for contributing to the market studies. These rewards can be redeemed for a wide range of different incentives, including gift cards, cinema tickets or pastries – and, since 2018, they can opt to grow a tree through WeForest.

Norstat was looking to add something both sustainable and engaging, and they saw WeForest as a serious partner with a substantial environmentally friendly impact. The grow-a-tree option is an easily accessible option where you can see the direct result and impact of your contributions. According to Norstat, it gives the panelists a higher purpose for participating in studies and also fits perfectly into their sustainability strategy. They also engage the panel members by presenting both the individual grow-a-tree statistics as well as the total number of trees, showing how much the panel members have contributed.

In Zambia, India, Tanzania and Brazil, Norstat’s panel members are



growing an estimated

“The idea of making tree-growing available to our panel members resonated very well in the organization. Many of our members are eager to grow trees and it has been a pleasure facilitating tree-growing as one of the core features of our new panel member website.”
Håkon Bygland
Head of Global Panels, Norstat