New Tietê Forests project will pioneer a herbicide-free approach
AES Brasil
A new restoration project on the edges of the Atlantic Biome’s Tietê river, a crucial resource that serves the state of São Paulo, will protect water resources and establish wildlife corridors – as well as exploring ways to reduce the use of herbicides, with the ultimate goal of going fully organic.

Starting this year, the Tietê Forests project is a collaboration between WeForest and AES Brasil Energia S.A., an energy company which has already been carrying out forest restoration in the region. With restoration potential of up to 2795 ha or about 5 590 000 trees, the project will also provide the ideal test conditions to pioneer several large-scale approaches that reduce or entirely eliminate the use of herbicide and pesticides, which is unusual in Brazil. 

The 1100km long Tietê has long suffered from the consequences of the Brazilian Forest Code not being adhered to along its banks, which remain subject to deforestation. The land in the area is mainly used for commercial sugarcane plantations, low productivity pastureland and citrus fruit production. The project will carry out active planting to restore forests along reservoirs to protect water resources, as well as on private small-scale farmland to establish wildlife corridors, in areas where it is mandatory under law. 

AES Brasil will assist with part of the project financing, co-develop the restoration methodology and facilitate the monitoring of the restoration through satellite images, while CEIBA Consultoria Ambiental, a São Paulo State-based company specialized in the restoration of forest ecosystems, will be carrying out the restoration and maintenance activities.

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