The fruit seller
Meet Shabani Haji. With our support, she has planted and nurtured a healthy little forest on her land.

Each year she collects the fruits from her plot of land (around a thousand) including papaya, guava and passion fruit, to sell to neighbours and at the local market or enjoy with her family. Last year, Shabani earnt $300 from the sale of papaya alone, which is a substantial increase to her income. She also collects firewood from her plot and uses the leaves, seeds and roots for medicine. These she often shares with her neighbours.

The village of Kinesi, where the project takes place, is extremely poor, but families have the opportunity to increase their incomes by planting trees. They receive training in site preparation, tree planting, and post-planting care and, once the trees are in the hands of Kinesi families, we monitor how the trees are doing to make sure the project continues to work over time.