NASA lands in our Senegal project sites
Our restoration sites in Senegal had some very special visitors in August!

A team from NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), headed by mangrove science guru Lola Fatoyinbo, were gathering data to gain scientific insights into the ecological benefits of restoring mangroves – one of the world’s great carbon sinks. 

The data will contribute to the creation of the first map of the causes of change in global mangrove habitats between 2000 and 2016 – a valuable tool to aid conservation efforts for these vital coastline defenders. 

The NASA team is collaborating with nonprofit and other organizations to put their data to work, helping with carbon emissions estimation, conservation planning and other initiatives to protect these ecosystems for future generations.  

WeForest and NASA met again on 14 September, when CEO Marie-Noelle Keijzer and Lola Fatoyinbo both took part in a GEO-hosted panel on ‘Earth Observations to Unlock Investment in Nature-Based Solutions at the Corporate Investments into Forests and Biodiversity conference in Amsterdam.