Planting trees for our children
welcome to pablo's forest
As parents we want to be able to look into our children’s eyes and say we did our best. At WeForest, that means doing something to reverse the world’s climate crisis.

Restoring forests is one of the best options we have to cool our earth and we owe it to our children to try.

Our loyal partner, Vanessa, feels the same urge to act, which is why her charity, Geoaxioma, has planted close to half a million trees with WeForest. In March 28 2016, she welcomed her first child, Pablo Carlo, and we want to celebrate his birth in recognition of all that Vanessa has done to fight climate change.

So we’re dedicating the trees we recently planted at a small Tanzanian school to Pablo Carlo.

“Pablo’s Forest” is located at Kyaro Primary School in Tanzania’s Rorya District, where over 600 children go to school.
In January this year, the district environmental officer, ward officer, village officer, school committee and pupils all turned up to celebrate the inauguration of Pablo’s Forest.
Throughout the day, the school grounds were packed with kids in white uniforms, a little dusty from playing outside among the school’s luscious trees.
Thank you, Vanessa and Geoaxioma, for supporting our mission to Make Earth Cooler.