Music can get us through a lot of things, but not through global warming
Interview with Stefaan Vanfleteren - CEO of Piano's Maene

“Pianos and trees: the wooden connection is clear! As we deliver around 1500 acoustic piano’s a year in Belgium, you can imagine a lot of wood is needed. And though a piano will last a lifetime (and often even more than just one lifetime), I still felt that we had to replace the trees we use. This is the reason we are now planting one tree in Brazil for every piano we have built or sold.

Since we started doing so, we´ve received a lot of nice feedback from our customers, especially after we starting adding a flyer to each piano mentioning that we will plant a tree in return with WeForest.”

Obligation of every producer…

“Although I have to say we did not start this campaign only to make our customers happy: we actually believe that we owe it to our planet. Because in my opinion, it is the obligation of every producer to think about the raw materials you need for your product, and make sure you replace what you take from nature. Sure, there are various initiatives in this industry, such as a builder planting their own forests for the wood they will then use for the piano’s. However, we do not only want to invest in trees, but with reforestation actually contribute to better livelihoods for communities living off those forests.”

Everyone should do it!

“It is therefore what I would like to say to my fellow colleagues in the piano-building industry: with currently 400.000 piano’s build each year, it is such a small effort to re-invest a small portion of the total sum building a piano in the wood that is needed for it.”