An interview with Brabantia CEO Tijn Van Elderen – #LoveNaturePledge
With our #LoveNature pledge well underway and the sun shining, we grabbed an iced-tea and sat down with our CEO Tijn van Elderen to talk about the success and future of Brabantia’s #LoveNature campaign!

Originally published on the Brabantia blog.

The #LoveNature campaign has been a huge success since its launch in 2015; with the planting of more than 500,000 trees! What do you think has made the campaign so successful?

“The way there is a clear logic in the way we set up the campaign. Brabantia is all about the logic of good cause (making earth a little cooler), and we thrive on combining both beauty and sustainability; we love it this way! I think people instinctively pick up on this.”

Many of us have made our #LoveNaturePledge (to dry laundry outside for 30 days) since the start of the campaign, have you made yours?

“As the head of Brabantia, family member and owner, I own more than 400 Brabantia articles, amongst which are 3 drying racks and an outdoor rotary dryer. So the pledge of drying outside (or inside!) is an easy one for us! We’re completely passionate about the project.”

Brabantia completed a huge milestone, along with WeForest, by planting the 10 millionth tree in Machakel, Ethiopia. Why do you think it is so important for brands to work with non-profit organisations such as WeForst?

“It’s simply the right thing to do! We can either sit by and watch everything fall to pieces, or we can take responsibility for the beautiful world around us by doing what is within our capacity to leave the world in a better way than we found it!”

We’ve teamed up with super-creative green interior stylists Urban Jungle Bloggers for the second year running. They were recently part of our Insta-takeover, posting some of their gorgeously stylish eco and green inspirations! Do you think interior design and nature can work together as part of aiding a greener, cleaner world?

“It’s sure to make life that little bit better, more pleasurable, more stylish AND more sustainable. It’s a win-win for us at Brabantia.”

What’s next for #LoveNature and the WeForest collaboration? Can you share your targets for 2017?

“We don’t want to make our competition smarter! So the only thing I can say is that there is a lot more to come! This campaign is something we’re really proud of and we hope to continue our work with the #LoveNature project.”

Thank you Tijn!

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