WeForest and the Global EverGreening Alliance: making earth cooler together
WeForest is the latest organisation to join the Global EverGreening Alliance, an Australian platform aiming to leverage the strengths, capacities and programmes of its member organisations to restore degraded lands worldwide.

By supporting the scaling of ‘EverGreening’ practices – which include Farmer-Managed Natural Regeneration, Pastoralist Managed Natural Regeneration and Assisted Natural Regeneration – the Global EverGreening Alliance’s goal is to capture 20 billion tons of CO2 annually by the year 2050.

Since its launch in 2012, the Alliance has brought leading research, technical, and development organizations together, including the World Resources Institute, the Nature Conservancy, Oxfam, the Arbor Day Foundation, the European Agroforestry Federation and many more.

As a member of the Alliance, WeForest will participate in discussions about large-scale restoration projects and opportunities, as well as having a chance to influence the operation of the Alliance, whose ongoing projects include ‘Restore Africa’ and ‘Restore Australia’.