Together we planted 15 million trees!
Over the last 7 years, all together we achieved the amazing challenge of planting 15 million trees! That is like restoring a 12,000 ha forest, an area 2 times the size of Manhattan and larger than the city of Paris!

We can all give each other a big pat on the back for this.

As global temperatures rise and extreme droughts become the norm, the trees we plant become increasingly critical harbingers of rain and precious freshwater. They also create jobs that lift entire villages out of poverty.

We expect our partners to plant double that number again in the next 5 years. We can do this with you.

On March 21 our 15 millionth tree (Entandophragma delevoyi) was planted in Zambia.
Over 100 villagers and officials joined the planting event: school children read poems, danced (above) and sang in praise of the beauty of forests and the need to protect them.