Three ways to make Earth cooler on Giving Tuesday
© Ruben Foquet, WeForest
© Ruben Foquet, WeForest
Are you a dollars, euros or pounds person? Or do you prefer bitcoin, ethereum or tether?

Whether it’s with normal money or cryptocurrency, join us for Giving Tuesday this year! We’ll be raising money on 29th November for our projects in Tanzania, Zambia, Brazil and Ethiopia. As well as making incredible differences to the lives of people and animals who live in the landscapes, these forest restoration projects are strengthening ecosystems and communities alike against the effects of climate change: reducing poverty, preserving biodiversity and sequestering carbon. 

Those who prefer working with good old-fashioned cash can donate via our partner Global Giving, who are offering bonus funds for the biggest fundraisers. Projects that bring in the most money on the day will win the largest portion of their $1.2M pot – so please give generously! 

If, on the other hand, you’re someone who’s with it and down with the cool kids, you can now make donations to WeForest using any one of many of the new cryptocurrencies. Simply fill in the widget on our dedicated crypto page – and there’s no need to wait till Giving Tuesday. 

As a third option, why not give your employees an extra reason to get into shape before the Christmas pudding season starts? Our partner atlasGO is offering a 10% discount when your company supports WeForest with an atlasGO employee engagement challenge, with more than 350 activities to choose from.

Whichever way you choose to take part, we look forward to your contribution on Giving Tuesday!