WeForest was threatened by an anonymous blackmailer with a negative PR campaign about the links between our co-founder Bill Liao and an oil company we were working with, to try to reform that industry.

So rather than be pilloried by ignorance, we are in all transparency, re-publishing information that is already known.

Bill Liao sat on the Starboard board (which was later renamed Brushy resources and acquired by Lillis energy ) until 2015 and suggested that the company contribute to the global reforestation effort. In 2014 Starboard funded 2 trees per BOE, which made them at that time the only oil company compensating their crude extraction with trees.

This WeForest partner was visible on the WeForest site until they became inactive after 18 months of inactivity, which is our policy. At no time has WeForest attempted to conceal any information about the tree planting of Starboard Resources or of Mr Liao’s board membership. The old website linked back to WeForest and we would still want to inspire other oil companies to begin planting trees.

While ideally we might all stop using fossil fuels (and by the way, Bill Liao does not fly airplanes and drives an electric car powered by wind and solar), planting trees would be a good second choice for oil companies and we need to engage every possible company to cool our climate.