Combatting Climate Change with Trees
There are a number of ways we can cool our earth. The most cost-efficient and readily available is to plant trees.

Bringing back our forests will buy us time in the race against global warming and provide a bridge to a new, low carbon world. Human activities over the course of the last 150 years have led to massive global deforestation and the release of carbon stored in soils, exasperating global climate change. Deforestation accounts for between 8 and 15% of total annual carbon emissions, and land use change; a third of all emissions. Reducing deforestation is therefore an essential part of the climate change challenge, but there is also huge potential for human activity to reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere by reforesting degraded landscapes.

From providing shade to creating cloud-cover and storing carbon, trees can play a pivotal role in the fight against climate change. The message is clear; we need trees and the timing is critical. By working with WeForest, you are having a direct impact on our global forest landscapes and the lives of local families.

Families throughout the world are decoupling their livelihoods from forest destruction, and now benefit from economic initiatives that actively restore and protect the forest. By planting trees they can gain nutritious food to eat, increase their agricultural yields and grass yields for livestock. Forests also provide families with food security in case of risks related to markets, pests, and weather extremes. In the face of climate change, families that engage in restoration activities and ‘forest-protective’ economic initiatives, like honey production or selling fruit, benefit from more diverse, resilient livelihoods.