Expedition, adventure, restoration: a conservation biologist visits
James Borrell is a conservation biologist with a passion for expeditions and adventure. He’s been involved with a range of projects over four continents, from critically endangered big cats in the remote Dhofar mountains to biodiversity surveys in the Amazon and forest genetics in the high Arctic. 

He’s currently travelling with WeForest partner Tentsile, across Africa on a journey to uncover conservation success stories. James met up with Morton and James of the WeForest team at our project in the Luanshya district of Zambia.

James witnessed the deleterious charcoal production which has resulted in large scale deforestation in the region, before meeting Beatrice.  Beatrice is one of the hundreds of farmers who has joined the project.  She showed James the regeneration plot on her land and the new citrus trees that will provide vitamin c to the diet as well as an income from fruit sales.  Beatrice also showered James with a gift of groundnuts.

For an independent perspective on the project, read James’ own words here.