Community Outreach Assistant
WeForest Malawi is looking for a Community Outreach Assistant to assist the team to ensure the project's activities in the Community Forest Zone achieve their goal through effective community outreach.

Employer – WeForest Limited, Malawi
Job Title – Community outreach assistant
Location – Phalombe district
Reporting to – Project Manager
Responsible for – community outreach in the community forest zone

Role and responsibilities

  1. Work with Project manager towards timely work plan delivery and annual budget usage
  2.  Support adequate reporting and communication to HQ and relevant stakeholders, under supervision of line manager
  3. Document plans and activities conducted through paper trail (ToRs, meeting minutes)
  4. Develop fund requests and ensure reimbursements, following appropriate financial protocols
  5. Work in close collaboration with the MEL officer to support data collection, data analysis and M&E updates (reporting confer M&E protocol) for all project activities under your role
  6. Support feasibility and development of new co-management areas in the Mt Mulanje landscape
  7. Assisting in establishing and maintaining relationships with stakeholders, addressing feedback and ensuring their satisfaction and involvement in project activities.
  8. Support FBCs/VNRMCs to undertake beekeeping scheme to higher level whereby increasing honey production and following beekeeping good practices.

Responsibilities per project component

Strengthen the governance of Forest Block Committees (FBCs) and Village Natural Resource Management Committees (VNRMCs) by:

  1. Organising community meetings, trainings and events to gather feedbacks, disseminate information and training to FBCs/VNRMCs representatives on relevant aspects of forest management,
    administration and governance;
  2. Attending (relevant) meetings of the Local Forest Management Board, FBCs, VNRMCs and related Developmental local structures (VDCs & ADCs);
  3. Facilitating effective, inclusive and transparent community representation, and decision-making through these community institutions as a means for consistent community engagement;
  4. Facilitating effective and transparent revenue and other benefits/opportunities distribution mechanisms to ensure the maximum impact and incentives to communities from conservation and forest related business within the co-management area;
  5. Working closely with the FBCs, VNRMCs and any other community-based organisations (VDCs &ADCs) and local authorities in encouraging local people to support in sustainable conservation of the biodiversity of the area;
  6. Working with the LFMB and FBCs in participatory project planning, budgeting, implementation, and monitoring.

Support FBCs to deliver forest management activities in forest blocks by:

  1. Supporting in organising training sessions, workshops, or information sharing activities to enhance community knowledge on forest management plans, forestry Amendment Act 2020 and other
    forestry related issues.
  2. Assist FBCs/VNRMCs and other agencies in Law enforcement applying monitoring tools to monitor patrolling activities and effectiveness of forest law enforcement.
  3. Support VNRMCs in tree nursery establishment and management for enrichment planting in degraded areas in Mulanje and Michesi forest reserves.

Support valorisation of miombo NTFP and NTFP-conservation enterprises by:

  1. Conducting land use assessments of the co-management areas (including firewood/charcoal utilization);
  2. Aligning miombo product identification with community interests;
  3. Embedding new co-operatives, that focus on miombo valorisation, within the existing community governance structures and ensuring community expectations are managed.

Assist in data collection for overall project monitoring, community mapping, vegetation surveys and planting performance

  1. Utilize mobile data collection tools in monitoring and mapping activities (GIS Cloud/ODK/KoBoCollect/other).
  2. Monitor seedling survival and growth.
  3. Monitor beekeeping performance in co-management blocks.
  4. Monitor nurseries’ performance.
  5. Map relevant community demarcations to fit in co-management and land use maps.
  6. Support in conducting forest inventory i.e. PMPs establishment in sub blocks, biomass assessment

The successful applicant will be able to demonstrate the following:

Experience and qualifications


  1. A Diploma /Bachelor’s degree in Forestry or Natural Resources Management
  2. At least 5 years’ experience in forest conservation and forest industry. Demonstrate experience of working with forest companies, NGOs and forest communities.
  3. Experience in leading and managing forest patrols and other Law Enforcement activities
  4. Practical experience in working with beekeeping groups as part of livelihood initiative and strong knowledge of benefit sharing mechanism
  5. Working knowledge on energy efficient cook stoves
  6. Experience of working with local developmental structures such as VNRMCs, FBCs, VDCs and ADCs and other stakeholders in the forestry sector.
  7. Should have knowledge of Forest Management Plan, governance of forestry local structures and capacity building.
  8. Should possess a valid driving license class A or A1

Skills and Attributes


  1. Effective and inspirational individual with strong collaboration skills
  2. Strong human relations, communication and negotiations skills, influencing and networking with partners and stakeholders
  3. Good written and spoken English and Chichewa
  4. Dynamic, a self-starter with excellent problem solving and community liaison

Terms & Conditions

Start date: Latest 1st April 2024

Duration of Contract: One year, renewable to a two-year contract based upon performance

Salary: Level 2b. Remuneration based on experience.

Location: Based at the WeForest office in Phalombe, with Monday meetings in Mulanje.

Hours of Work: Full-time, working a minimum of 8 hours per day (5 days/week). Hours will however vary depending on project needs and flexibility is essential.

Reporting line: Supervised by the WeForest Project manager

How to apply

Please send applications to with your CV, a motivation letter (max one page), and 2 recent references by 13th March, 2024.

Make sure to mention the job title in the subject of the email. In your motivation letter, we’d love to read about what makes you interested to work with WeForest.

Due to the anticipated high number of applicants, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. We thank you in advance for your interest.