Business Development Manager

WeForest is looking for a business development expert to reinforce its sales team.

The position is central to the organization and will be combination of sales, account management and marketing. The candidate will report to the CEO.

Our expectation about this position are high.

Hereafter a tentative list of the first projects to be carried out:

  •  New customer acquisition
  • Account management
  • Sales processes and tools optimization o Inbound and outbound marketing
  • Eventually drive the Sales strategy…

Required skills: (1 to 3 are non-negotiable)

  1. Proven sales experience and skills (with references).
  2. Coachable, positive and enthusiast.
  3. Process and result-oriented.
  4. Knowledge of SalesForce (or another CRM tool) is a plus
  5. Excellent written English (Dutch and French are a plus).
  6. Reside in Belgium or The Netherlands, no relocation.
  7. Self-motivated and able to work remotely: location is flexible (the candidate will work from his/her home office and will not need to relocate) and travel regularly to Brussels.

Candidate will be hired as a consultant initially (test period), please specify your expectations in € or USD per annum.

About WeForest

Our mission is to advance innovative, scalable and lasting solutions to restore forest landscapes for climate, people and planet. WeForest develops best-in-class forest landscape restoration projects and plant millions of trees every year. Our aim is to continue inspiring companies to participate and match public grants while influencing initiatives worldwide to apply science-based best practices to make current efforts scalable, impactful and resilient and reach the scale set by the United Nations.

Why are more trees needed?

Most companies and nations are concentrating on reducing carbon emissions.
While this is laudable, scientists warn us that it is actually too late for only this.
If we stopped our carbon emissions today, we would still exceed the 450 ppm limit to stay under 2°C temp increase: the excess carbon we produced in the last decades is stored in the oceans and released with a 30 year lag.
We collectively need to draw carbon from the atmosphere. And the best technology for this is trees and soil carbon. Moreover, in the tropics, where forests contribute to increasing cloud cover, the water cycle provides an additional climate cooling effect.

By way of application please provide a motivation letter + a CV/resume including 3 recent references.

We thank you in advance for your interest.
The opportunity will remain open until a suitable candidate is found.

Want to apply?

Contact us

Feb 2017 

How to apply

Please send your complete application to (mentioning the job title in the subject of the email) which must include your CV, motivation letter and 2 recent referees (who will only be contacted after the selection stage). The position will remain open until a suitable candidate is selected.