News from the field in Amhara
Our project in Amhara, which focuses on restoring forests in order to create healthy and productive lands for rural families, is now well underway.

We have three nurseries up and running, several restoration sites identified and 600 families signed up to plant trees on their farmland.

At the nurseries, potting and seedling production is underway where, today, an estimated 172,000 seeds and seedlings are growing. Over the coming months we will grow even more seedlings ready for the rains to arrive around June.

We are extremely excited that so many people are interested in joining our nursery team and we have already put together a very strong team. Over the coming months we will continue to engage even more people.

As for the areas where we will be planting the seedlings, an estimated 73 hectares have been identified for restoration so far. After long and fruitful discussions with community members and leaders, 600 families are ready to plant trees on their land in agroforestry systems as well, which will cover a further 75 hectares of land.

In the coming months we are looking forward to seeing our nurseries flourish, our intervention area grow and family engagement blossom. This is an exciting time for our team in Amhara.