Making schools greener
The support of local people in resisting logging and conserving forests is a crucial challenge to deforestation. Environmental projects throughout the world are increasingly recognizing the need to partner with local people, and their children too, in our efforts to conserve the environment.

In Ethiopia’s Amhara region, these children are the future guardians of the landscape, which currently stands degraded and deforested and in desperate need of restoring.

Alongside our forest and soil restoration efforts we are winning the hearts and minds of local children through awareness and education. We are inspiring them to connect with nature through informal and formal trainings at school and at our community-based nurseries. Our “Green School Initiative” will be set up in one school from each kebele (village). They will have the opportunity learn about the importance of a balanced ecosystem and the threat of climate change, and see the goings-on at our community-based nurseries.

Through our Green School Initiative we are inspiring a commitment to environmental stewardship in Amhara’s next generation.