WeForest joins BACA and The Shift
© Photo: Ruben Foquet
WeForest has become a member of two Belgium-based communities focused on sustainability and avoiding the worst effects of climate change.

The Belgian Alliance for Climate Action (BACA) is a national initiative that invites the private sector and academic institutions to take the lead on climate action. They form a network of committed members that share their knowledge and experience on Science Based Targets (SBT) for CO2 reduction, creating a push for climate action in the Belgian business landscape.

The Shift brings together over 560 organizations from more than 25 different sectors – private companies, NGOs, academic institutions, public administrations and other key players in Belgium – to connect and partner up towards a more sustainable economy and society.

By joining both, WeForest reiterates the urgency of acting upon climate change and is connected with leading and responsible Belgian organizations willing to drive positive change.