Sheep rearing to build resilient household economies

Sheep are an important source of livelihood for rural people in Tigray. Their ability to quickly multiply, their resilience and that they are easily convertible to cash to meet financial needs of the rural producers makes them preferable for livelihood intervention to advance on beneficiary households economy.  

A dragon of a tree

Desa’a forest located in the West Rift Valley of Northern Ethiopia is a habitat for several ecological, social and economical important plant species.

We stop the flood: no more runoff and threat to our farmlands

Environmental degradation has played a big role in most of Northern Ethiopia. Also the area of Tigray has long been a victim of land degradation, driven by overexploitation of land resources and unsustainable agricultural practices. Free grazing, illegal forest cut and frequent drought let the land exposed to damaging water runoff and loss of most of the important topsoils and its nutrients.