Annual Report


hectares restored in 2022
0 million
seedlings planted in 2022
active projects globally

Our impact in 2022

WeForest made an incredible impact for the environment and local communities in 2022, all thanks to you!

We expanded into new regions, forged strategic partnerships, grew our team of forestry experts, and planted more trees than ever before. 

Thanks to our amazing partners, we restored 10 589 hectares in 2022, growing and protecting almost 15 million trees

Since WeForest began:

0 k ha
under restoration
0 million
trees growing
species regenerating
families benefiting
people trained

In 2022, 5 new projects launched, and 30 new staff members joined our global team.

WeForest Malawi was set up as a legal entity.

We expanded our agroforestry models in Tanzania and Malawi.

Read about all this and more in WeForest’s Annual Report for 2022!