Transforming landscapes for Climate, People, Planet.

Total trees planted:
Total hectares restored:
12,473 ha
Total trees planted:
Total hectares restored:
12,473 ha

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corporates, organisations and scientists in collaborative action to advance forest landscape restoration.


by developing a portfolio of scalable, quality forest landscape restoration projects.


our project progress and impact.

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Current WeForest Projects

Connecting the Atlantic Forest through wildlife corridors
Supporting Khasi communities to regenerate their forest
Engaging smallholder farmers in reversing deforestation
Combatting desertification in northern Ethiopia
Nurturing a sustainable forest culture in Northern Ethiopia
A community based approach to restore degraded lands
Greening the Sahel Desert across Africa
Transitioning Kinesi Village Farmers to permaculture farming

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We share knowledge on the role forests play in mitigating, and adapting to Climate Change.

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